Sunday, May 13, 2012

They arrive.

Broken limbs and phantom thought
Wired frames, in ruble & ziplock
Each tooth sharper than the next
With each grin, wider than the rest

I can feel them, waiting to be complete
Mechanical smiles, waiting to taste new meat
Piece by piece, I'll assemble them whole
Steamed powered souls, fueled by coal

A perfect concoction, loaded ready for action
instinctive hunger as a driving attraction
One last screw, and I'll be on the menu for dinner
Same fate, had to have happened, to your inventor

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

everything was clean

no more dust, no more quiet frames, i opened the door and gave your room light. as it's presence grew, slowly removing shade, brunet blistered wood began to reveal. dried images found cracked lines. time seemed to have done nothing good. perhaps it was a sign that nothing could ever stay the same.

i spent hours attempting to restore vain life. unable to decipher if sentiment had completely departed or if i have learned to accept? unable to tell if i was welcome or just couldn't hear your voice asking me to leave. i wiped away years of stale air, finally giving comfort to solitude.

it was only when i was leaving, my eyes gazed upon her withered petals. in the absence of light you had taken more than your own life.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear incriminating eyes, I just wanted you to know
You are everything I didn't want the world to show
I've been hanging here for years, rewinding these few steps
Wondering to myself, how you'll misinterpret these last few breaths
Dear happiness, I've been gone long before you ever took notice of me
Dear happiness, I've been gone Just looking for a place to hide the body.
...and Dear soulless smile, I always wanted you to know
It was in your lies, my broken heart found-it's-home.